Sailing the San Juan Islands – Day 4

-By Kimberly

Tuesday, May 30, 2017 – Port Townsend to Port Ludlow

We spent most of the day exploring Port Townsend, a town known for its wooden boats.   We took time to walk through the Northwest Maritime Center & Wooden Boat Foundation building.  It was neat to see people restoring and building wooden boats.  We read the story of Juana – a wooden race boat designed by a 7-year old boy. We stopped at Sirens again for lunch, before heading back to the marina.

Just as we started to push away from the dock, I called for us to stop, as there was a large trimaran coming into the harbor.  It was an odd sight, as the trimaran was being towed by a small rowboat!

Trimaran with tow line.
Row boat with tow line to trimaran.






We had no wind, and I was at the helm the entire time we motored South to Port Ludlow.  The most challenging part of that trip was crossing a shallow area on the way into the harbor…and I did a great job!  We anchored with ease then made Shrimp Pad Thai for dinner.  We spent the evening on the boat, planning our route for the next day.

Port Ludlow Marina.
Port Ludlow.






Yellow Track = Approximate Route – Day 4.

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